About us

Strong Tower Church empowers people from all walks of life. It gives them hope to live a life full of potential and unlimited possibilities.



To empower people to live a Christ centered life that enables them to impact their world. (Matthew 28:19-20)



Sundays 10:00a, rebroadcast at 1p online

Our vision

We envision a church that is

Spirit Filled

That is filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit so that people can experience the reality of God for themselves. There is a consistent awareness and dependence on God to do what we cannot.


Whose message is Christ centered, uncompromised, hopeful, empowering and unapologetic.


Where people are saved, healed and delivered weekly. A church where peoples’ lives are transformed continuously by the power of God so that they are free to be who God has created them to be.


That is progressive and prevailing. It is instrumental in igniting a passion for the glory of God to be poured out in our day.


With people from diverse backgrounds that praise God enthusiastically and worship Him passionately. A Church that celebrates exuberantly the joy and liberty that is found in Christ Jesus. A church that laughs and enjoys life.


That believes the best about people and loves them in a way that encourages them to build a vibrant relationship with God and with others. It is a church that exudes a compassion that draws people out of darkness and into His light. It is a church where all can find fellowship that will strengthen their faith and expand their horizons.


That empowers people to live a Christ centered life that enables them to impact their world. It is a church that is committed to training and developing leaders that will be sent out to make a difference in society and demonstrate Christ to the world. Our goal is to help every member discover their purpose and equip them to use their talents to serve Christ effectively in ministry either within or outside the church.


Where the generations are growing, serving and building the Kingdom of God together. One generation is declaring the works of God unto another generation.


That is active and is filled with volunteers whose heart is to serve God, one another and the world. A church that meets the needs of mankind and demonstrates the love of God by using our blessing to be a blessing to others. A church that is committed to fulfilling the great commission through local and global missions.

Big & Bold!

That thinks BIG and bold. It is filled with radical faith because it’s being led by the Holy Spirit.


That is an example of excellence, integrity and innovation to the world. A church that is forward thinking and relevant to its day.


That is both blessed and generous with resources to build and establish the Kingdom of God.


That is big and influential. It is making such an impact locally, nationally and globally that it cannot be ignored. It is a place of hope and restoration for multitudes. A church that cannot be contained in one building or one location.


That is unified with one heart and one mind. No division is among us and great grace is upon us all.