Culture code


We embrace our differences. Our individual uniqueness causes us to be stronger together.


We are engaged and serve with passion. We are high yield and low maintenance. There’s a place for you.


We engage in our society to make God known and the world a better place to live.


We endeavor to bring honor to God and the church by living a Christ-centered life. We celebrate character over gifting.


We empower people to live a Christ-centered life enabling them to impact their world and live out their fullest potential.


We believe the best about people and love them in a way that encourages them to build a relationship with God and with others.

Radical faith

We have the courage to think big and bold because we are led by the Holy Spirit. We believe with God all things are possible.


Through excellence we show the brilliance and greatness of God we are punctual, we are top-notch, we are world class.


We believe that God is dynamic therefore we embrace new ways of thinking, doing and being.


We give to accomplish the vision. Giving runs in our DNA whether it’s money, time or resources; we give what God has given us to honor Him and be a blessing to others.


Together we endeavor to fulfill the vision God has given us to accomplish. We intentionally focus on where we agree and not on where we disagree.