discover your purpose

At Strong Tower, we have many areas where you can serve and get involved. Below is a list of all the opportunities available. To learn more about these opportunities we encourage you to go through the Discover Path where you can learn about your gifts, all volunteer opportunities and sign up to serve on a team. Click below for more info on Discover Path.. 

William Dixson – Camera Operator

I serve because I love the church and I love serving. - William Dixson

Willett Anderson – Facilities

The word of God and having a church family allows me to connect and serve my church family. -Willett Anderson

Roger Foster

I serve to help enrich the service. To make sure the word is articulated clearly and to help make disciples of others. -Roger Foster

Richard Howard

Serving is a greater expression of what Jesus did for us. It’s following his example! I feel closer to Christ and his people. -Richard Howard

Mel Jennings and Kelley Pouncey

It creates relationships and allows me to meet people I haven’t met. -Kelley Pouncey and Mel Jennings

Jurnee Gregory- Tower Kids Nursery

My parents got involved first, so I followed them. Knowing that I could serve with babies made it even easier. I've always loved babies. Volunteering helped me decided what I wanted to specialize in as a nurse. I'm now studying to be a NICU nurse! Once my parents...

Francis Hayden- Security

The word and the family atmosphere. Strong teaching and great praise and worship! - Francis Hayden

Diane Love

Serving is in my heart. It gives me joy and pleasure to serve the Lord! -Diane Love

Chris Gregory- Security

I like to help. I’m more behind the scenes. When I did Discover Path, I knew I wanted to help out and be behind the scenes. It helped me to meet people. We were fairly new to the church, and volunteering gave me the opportunity I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I always...

Behind the scenes

  • Facilities
  • Product Center
  • Visitor Follow-Up

Creative Minds

  • Media
  • Production
  • Photography
  • Lighting
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Tech Presentation
  • Online Chat Host


  • Elementary School
  • Nursery
  • Preschool
  • Tower Kids Information Center
  • Tower Youth

VIP Experience

  • Guest Services
  • Parking Assistants
  • Prayer Partners
  • Security
  • Service Assistants
  • Yes Desk